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learn9 is a project to look at how learning happens when working with a quality system
such as ISO 9000. There is an attempt to relate to ideas about a 'learning organisation'. The current focus is a paper for a conference on the Knowledge Based Economy in 2006. Future discussion will link to ideas about "leadership".

There is now a wider range of quality ideas following discussion at the Deming Special Interest Group of the IQA in London. I contributed to the day about a 'theory of knowledge' in October 2003.

The 'previously' page includes other papers and a web capture of a previous site.
Links and messages shows other conferences and message boards where something is relevant.
The site remains a bit muddled but there is a blog at http://learn9log.blogspot.com/

Feb 2008

Will Pollard

ABOVE is a cloud of search terms. The main aim is to show that linking 'learning' and 'quality' is possible
There is also a guide to other clouds of words and search boxes, called 'Hello Spiders'. These are based on a platform from Eurekster. Google have now announced a Custom Search Engine as part of their Co-op project. I have started a new page to describe some experiments with Quality, Learning, ISO9000, and PDF.